2023 NCHE Conference


Freedom From, Freedom To
Salt Lake City, Utah
March 23-25, 2023

Connection Session

History Matters (...and so does Coffee!)  
Joanne Freeman, Yale University
Session Video

Breakout Sessions

Friday 8:30 AM 

Freedom to Choose - Student Created Podcasts
Jennifer Baniewicz, Amos Alonzo Stagg High Shcool
What's New from the Library of Congress?
Cheryl Lederle, Library of Congress Professional Learning and Outreach Initiatives Office
Better Citizen, Better Democracy
Kathleen Munn, National Archives, 
Joy Murphy, Eisenhower Presidential Library, Museum, and Boyhood Home, 
Kathleen Pate, Clinton Presidential Library and Musuem 

Friday 10:00 AM

Teaching Tough History: If Not Now, When? 
Kacie Nadeau and Tammara Purdin, Florida Council for History Education
Untold Stories: Revealing the Underrepresented Voices of 9/11
Jennifer Lagasse and Megan Jones, 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Friday 2:00 PM

Explore Narratives on Resistance to Slavery with iCivics DBQuest
Amanda Setters, iCivics

Friday 3:30 PM

Archival Collections will set you Free: Teaching with Primary Sources about African American Industrial Heritage Collections
Harrison Wick, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Freedom from the Textbook and Freedom to Inquire: Teaching Resources for Student Inquiry
Jeffery D. Nokes and Maggie Allen, Brigham Young University
Playful Learning is the Future of History Education
Annie Evans, New American History, 
Adrienne Whaley, Museum of the American Revolution
The So-called Critical Period (1783-1789): Freedom from Anachy and Chaos; Freedom to Federalism and Order
Adam Levinson, StatutesandStories.com,
Sergio Villavicencio, The Alexander Hamilton Awareness Society
"No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition!" Using Monty Python for Inquiry in the Social Studies Classroom to Improve Engagement 
Hannah Rude, Arizona Department of Education
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Saturday 8:30 AM

20th-Century American Feminism - Reflections and Bringing it to the Classroom
Leslie Hayes, New-York Historical Society,
Jamilah Whiteside, Mascoutah High School,
Nicole Rounce, Sunnyside High School
Dismantling Dominant Narratives Using Primary Sources: How Multiple Perspectives Have Helped Shape Three Learning Interactives
Lia Atanat, Maryland Humanities,
Karla Thompson, Maryland Public Television,
Sarah Ditkoff, FableVision Studios 

Saturday 10:00 AM

Give Students the Freedom to Ask Their Own Questions and the Freedom to Find Their Own Answers
Katy Connolly and Imaan Yousuf, Right Question Institute,
Ann Canning, TPS Eastern Region at Waynesburg University,
Sara Evers, Virgina Tech
Learning Module
Primary Sources
Lesson Plan #1
Lesson Plan #2
Primary Sources
Primary Sources
QFT in Action
Teaching Japanese Incarceration through Topaz
Lisa Barr, Utah Division of State History,
Scott Bassett, Topaz Museum,
Jeff Nokes, Brigham Young University

Saturday 2:00 PM

How to Utilize a Historical Debate to Maximize Student Engagement
Jessica Hughes and Matthew Pelc, Osceola NCHE LEAD Grant Program
Nearpod Resource
Colonial Williamsburg Resource
Declaration of Independence Activity

Saturday 3:10 PM

Perspectives on World War II: Lessons from the Intrepid Museum Collection
Gerrie Bay Hall, Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum
Grappling with How to Teach Enslavement and the Founding Fathers
Timothy E Hicks, The Learning Collaborative at Dent Middle School,
Deb Masker, Kirn Middle School

Poster Sessions

DBQ for All Student
Derek Porter, St. Christopher's School
Observe, Reflect, Question: A Deeper Look at the Components of the Primary Source Analysis Tool
Lisa Fink, National Council of Teachers of English
Stepping into Their Shoes: Using Report Cards to Analyze Historical Points-of-View
Katelyn White, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
Exploring Freedom in Picture Books
Jennifer Tafuto and Stephanie Guerra, Foundation Against Intolerance and Racism