Blueprint for Student Learning

NCHE believes that history belongs as a core discipline in the K-12 curriculum.  Schools should promote the most effective practices in teaching history and encourage the deepest student learning in the classroom, so that all will develop and utilize History’s Habits of Mind.


Excellent history
teaching gives students opportunities to:

Think analytically and deeply by:
  • Posing and framing appropriate questions of the past
  • Gathering and evaluating a wide variety of evidence
  • Recognizing continuity and detecting change over time
  • Utilizing chronology to examine cause and effect relationships
  • Providing multiple paths for engagement with events, eras, concepts and assumptions in the past
  • Drawing and combining reasonable inferences from a variety of sources to build an understanding about complex questions.


Read widely and critically by:
  • Examining, interpreting and contextualizing primary source documents, focusing on authorship, purpose and intended audience of each source
  • Identifying and comparing historical interpretations from a variety of secondary sources
  • Utilizing broader understanding to discern subtext in both primary and secondary sources.
Write cogently and compellingly by:
  • Developing and defending evidence-based historical arguments
  • Utilizing multiple perspectives for comprehensive explanations
  • Practicing and cultivating a wide variety of different types of writing.