The Rural Experience in America

Cahokia circa 1200 CE, near the present city of St. Louis, MO, Chaco Canyon circa 1000 CE, in present-day New Mexico, National Park Service.


Indigenous and Latinx Delaware

Community Fellowship and Historical Inquiry

Delaware K-12 teachers and EL/ELL specialists are invited to join us for a series of seven monthly Saturday workshops, beginning on December 11th, to learn about the many Indigenous civilizations that populated the Americas before Columbus, from the Mayan and Taino cultures northward to the Chacoan and Cahokian complexes and eastward to Delaware’s original inhabitants—the Lenape and Nanticoke Indians. 

Social Studies and EL/ELL specialists are partnering with nationally known historians and anthropologists to help you incorporate high quality, culturally relevant materials from the Library of Congress and other sources into your K-12 EL/ELL curriculum in order to address the Delaware Content Standards in more meaningful ways for your students. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with organizations representing the Latinx and American Indian communities throughout Delaware.

Participating teachers will receive a $1000 stipend for participating. 

This program is funded by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources Program, in partnership with the University of Delaware. 

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Course Dates:

-December 11th: Community Gathering at Nanticoke Indian Museum, Lewes Delaware. 10am-2pm

-January 29th: Content overview and pedagogical framework, University of Delaware, 9am-2pm

-February 26th: pre-Columbian Delaware, University of Delaware, 9am-2pm

-March 26th: Pre-Columbian North American, University of Delaware, 9am-2pm

-April 30th: Pre-Columbian Meso-America, University of Delaware, 9am-2pm

-May 14th: Pre-Columbian Caribbean, University of Delaware, 9am-2pm

-June 18th: Showcase, TBA