Sioux Chiefs, 1868

Sioux Chiefs at Fort Laramie, 1868. National Anthropological Archives, Smithsonian Institution.

Indigenous and Latinx Delaware

Community Fellowship and Historical Inquiry


Delaware K-12 teachers and EL/ELL specialists are invited to join us for a series of seven monthly Saturday workshops, beginning on November 5, to learn about Indigenous American history and culture, as well as the emergence of Hispanic history and culture from the arrival of Columbus to 1910.

Social Studies and EL/ELL specialists are partnering with nationally known historians to help you incorporate high quality, culturally relevant materials from the Library of Congress and other sources into your K-12 EL/ELL curriculum in order to address the Delaware Content Standards in more meaningful ways for your students. You will also have the opportunity to collaborate with organizations representing the Hispanic and American Indian communities throughout Delaware.

Participating teachers will receive a $1000 stipend for attending all sessions and successfully completing a final project.

For more information, contact Barry Joyce at

Course Dates:

-November 5: The Caribbean from 1492 to 1898

-December 10: New Spain and Spanish Colonialism in North America: 1519 to 1821

-January 28: Eastern Colonial America and Indigenous Nations: 1607-1815 

-February 11: The Mexican Republic: 1821-1910 

-March 11: United States Policies and Attitudes toward Indigenous People: 1815 to 1892

-April 22: The Lenape and Nanticoke under Colonial Rule: 1620 to 1900   

-May 13: Community Gathering and Teacher Showcase