The Space Age on the Space Coast

Participant Cohorts

A National Endowment for the Humanities Landmarks Grant Program

The two workshops funded by this grant (July 11-15, 2022 and July 25-29, 2022 will focus on the unique history and culture of Florida's Space Coast. This project will allow K-12 educators of multiple disciplines from around the country to explore the ways in which the politics, science, and culture intersected in a unique geographical location from the 1950's through today. 

This page is dedicated to introducing the cohorts of educators who will join us in July 2022! We encourage you to take a few minutes to meet the individuals who will be learning how to engage students in authentic historical inquiry through The Space Race on the Space Coast.


COVID Disclaimer: Depending on public health guidelines related to COVID-19, plans for a residential offering are subject to change. 


The Space Race on the Space Coast 2022 Summer Scholars

July 11-15, 2022


July 25-29, 2022

Leslie Austin, Tennessee   Rebecca Beiter, New York
Shanna Bumgarner, North Carolina   Christopher Belch, Michigan
Noah Bielby, Missouri   Kathryn Black, California
Kim Bliss, Oregon   Joann Blumenfeld, North Carolina
Allison Bogart, California   Jaime Chanter, Ohio
Ruth Brewington, Louisiana   Jennifer Edwards, Michigan
Joshua Brown, Florida   Nicole Franczvai, Texas
Kerry Brown, Illinois   Cheryl Gridley, Massachusetts
Sandra Brown, Florida   Shannon Hansen, New York
Cory Callaway, Texas   Susan Herting, Florida
Vida Cantieri, Illinois   Kathleen Ho, California
Amanda Cowgill, Indiana   Lori Howell, Michigan
Sondra DeGraft-Johnson, New Jersey   Pam Kraus, Kansas
David Douglas, Washington   Gina Kwid, Idaho
Kurt Easterday, Wisconsin   Misti McDaniel, North Carolina
Jason Fox, Virginia   Lori Menning, Wisconsin
Michaela Griffiths, Utah   Danielle  Miller, Florida
Kevin Henderson, Connecticut   Betty Jo Moore, North Carolina
Tom Hocker, Indiana   Lisa Neihouse, Arkansas
Shannon Houtrouw, Michigan   Randall Peterson, Colorado
Brooks Humphreys, Nebraska   Donna Phillips, Arkansas
Brian Linton, Mississippi   Zamaria Rocio, California
Jerry Millevoi, Pennsylvania   Laura Schroeder, Michigan
Diane Nelson, Illinois   Ace Schwarz, Pennsylvania
Roni Pavick, Massachusetts   Sara Short, Maryland
Bryan Pearson, New Mexico   Laura Olivia StandingBear, Oklahoma
Jonathan Riddle, Pennsylvania   James Stoufer, New York
Amber Rudeen, Colorado   John Sunvold, Florida
Samantha Rutledge, Missouri   Elyse Tussey, Illinois
Stacey Sebert, New York   Amy Venhaus, Illinois
Mary Ruth Spencer, Virginia   Jodi Warner, Minnesota
Rebekah Steffens, Califonia   Kevin White, California
Teagan Taylor, North Carolina   Laura Wommack, Washington
Christine Webb, Michigan   Donna Wood, Illinois
Karen Zotos, Texas