Online Conference


Past, Present, and Future:
NCHE at 30

March 19-21, 2020

Sponsored Sessions

Bringing History Alive with Newsela
Jenna Persico, Newsela
Sponsored by Newsela
Session Video
Student-Centered Instruction in the AP History Classroom
Jose Gregory, Marist School
Sponsored by The College Board
Session Video

Keynote Sessions

Transforming Disruption into Teachable Moments
Sari Beth Rosenberg, NYC Department of Education
Yohuru Williams, University of St. Thomas
Session Video
Ask the Historian: Alexander Hamilton
Joanne Freeman, Yale University
Session Video
Teaching History in a Divided America
Jill Lepore, Harvard University
Session Video
Looking Back at the First World War-and  What It Did to the United States
Adam Hochschild, UC Berkeley
Session Video
 John Snow to Johns Hopkins: Using GIS to Teach Students about Medical Geography
Chris Bunin, Albemarle High School
Session Video 
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Breakout Sessions

Friday 9:00 AM 

Your Social Security Number: From the New Deal to a “Big” Deal
Jeannette Bennett, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis – Memphis Branch
Session Video
Lost Worlds, Vanished Times: Why Study History
Peter Gibbon, Boston University
Session Video
Catalyst for Change: The Government or the People?
Jordan Maul, New York State Archives Partnership Trust, Kristi Fragnoli, The College of Saint Rose
and Julie Daniels, NYS Office of Cultural Education
Session Video
Investigating Culture and Communities through Visual Images
Laurie Boulden, Warner University, Jennifer Cooley, State Historical Museum of Iowa, 
Jessica Ellison, Minnesota Historical Society, and Anna Keneda, Maryland Humanities
Session Video
Humanizing History: Revealing Personal Experience through Primary Sources and the Arts
Jena Sibille, Fulton County Schools, Lisa Landers, Georgia Historical Society,  Jeffery Gleaves,, 
Lynne Tuttle, National Association for Music Education,  Cate Cooney and Stormy Vogel, University of the Arts 
Session Video
Engaging Students with Primary Sources: Key Moments in U.S. History
Victoria Pasquantonio, PBS NewsHour
Session Video

Friday 10:00 AM

Athletic Protests of 1968, 2016, and of the Future
Jeffery D. Nokes, Brigham Young University
Session Video
“Great/Not so Great”: A Framework for Evaluating U.S. Presidents in Lower Elementary Social Studies
Scott L. Roberts and Meghan K. Block, Central Michigan University and 
Stephanie L. Strachan, Western Washington University
Session Video
Engaging Young Learners with Primary Sources
Tom Bober, Missouri Association of School Librarians, 
Ilene R. Berson and Michael J. Berson, University of South Florida
Session Video
Teaching Civic Ideals through Primary Sources
Cheryl Lederle-Ensign and Jennifer Reidel, Library of Congress Learning and Innovation Office
Session Video
Group Libel and Hate Speech: Law’s Past, Present, and Future
Howard Kaplan and Tiffany Middleton, American Bar Association Division for Public Education
Session Video
Recalling the U.S.-Mexican War to oppose the Vietnam War
Omar Valerio-Jimenez, University of Texas at San Antonio
Session Video

Friday 1:30 PM

The Presidency: The Office, the Powers, and the People
Gary Colletti, The Bill of Rights Institute
Session Video
Feme Sole and Feme Covert: Incorporating Colonial Women's History from Coverture to Activism
Bonnie Belshe, Monta Vista High School
Session Video
It’s All in the Cards:
Teaching Historical Thinking Concepts in US and World History using “Significance/Explanation Cards”

David Hicks, Suzanne Shelburne, and Brad Kraft, Virginia Tech,
Melissa Lisanti, Radford University and Ricky Mullins, East Kentucky State University
Civil Rights through the Lenses of Gender, Ethnicity, Courts, and Institutions
Daniella Ann Cook and Karen Gavigan, University of South Carolina, 
Kira Duke and Layla Smallwood, Middle Tennessee State University
Session Video
Facilitating Primary Source Learning with Students’ Questions
Sarah Westbrook and Andrew Minigan, Right Question Institute and Ann Canning, TPS Eastern Region
Session Video

Friday 2:30 PM

Building a Strong Historical Argument with National History Day
Lynne O'Hara and Cathy Gorn, National History Day 
Session Video
Women & the American Story: Settler Colonialism and Revolution, 1692-1734
Mia Nagawiecki, New-York Historical Society
Session Video
Exploring Historical Conflict with Primary Sources
Rolly Schendel, Metropolitan State University of Denver, Andrew Askuvich, Institute for Curriculum Services,
Keith Patterson and Kile Clabaugh, Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region
Session Video
Scientific Literacy, Citizenship, and History: Analyzing Primary Sources from the Library of Congress
Mike Apfeldorf and Amara Alexander, Library of Congress Learning and Innovation Office
Session Video
Art as Argument: Linking Past and Present through Visual Rhetoric
Phoebe Hillemann, Smithsonian American Art Museum
Session Video
Teaching with Performance and Music-Related Primary Sources
Carolyn Bennett, Former Library of Congress Teacher-in-Residence, Bridget Morton and Tom Destino, Mars Hill University 
Session Video

Saturday 9:00 AM

Hollywood Through Time: The Past, Present and Future of The Great Gatsby
Scott Roberts, Central Michigan University and Charles Elfer, Clayton State University
Session Video
Using DBQs to Engage Students in Authentic Historical Inquiry
Chip Brady and Imali Kent, The DBQ Project
Freight Car Loadings and Mail Order Sales: Measuring the Economy During the Great Depression
Eva Johnston and Genevieve Podleski, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis
Session Video
Art for Inclusion and Engagement: Enriching History Curriculum with Artworks
Julie Griggs and Heather Hooks, Engaging Empathy
Session Video
Remember(ing) the Ladies: The Rights of Women and the Legacy of the American Revolution
Stacia Smith and Evan Phifer, The American Revolution Institute of the Society of the Cincinnati 
Session Video
Building Student Reflection with Primary Sources
Peggy O’Neill-Jones, Teaching with Primary Sources Western Region, Amy Wilkinson, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville, 
Judy Bee, Teaching with Primary Sources Midwest Region, and Elizabeth James, Marshall University
Session Video

Saturday 10:00 AM

Voices of the Past, Present, and Future: Strategies and Tools for Including Oratory in your History Classroom
Caitlin Goodwin and Joe Cernak, Ford's Theatre Master Oratory Fellows
Session Video
Propaganda and Patriotism: The Art of Financing America's Wars
Alexandria Halmbacher and Cariss Turner-Smith, The Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland
Session Video
Location, Location, Location: Place Based Education with Historic Sites
Clare McGowan, Old Trail School, Lisa Pettry, Hale Farm and Village, and Lisa Leaman, Western Reserve Historical Society
Session Video
Exploring, Learning, Teaching, and Taking Action with the New American History Team
Annie Evans, New American History
Session Video
Past, Present, and Future of Mass Imprisonment in the U.S.
Sam Mihara, University of California
Session Video
Exploring American Labor History with Primary Sources 
Paul Binford, Kenneth Anthony and Nicole Miller, Mississippi State University, Sherry Levitt and Cynthia Szwajkowski, Virginia Partnership
Session Video

Saturday 1:30 PM

Teaching Early American History like World History: Integrating Native History into the Classroom
Michael Kraemer, Ohio State University
Session Video
Junior Historians Tackle Their Local History
Priscilla H. Porter, Porter History-Social Science Resource Center, CSU San Bernardino
Session Video
Exploring One Enslaved Woman’s Power through Scaffolded Digital Storytelling
Grant Scribner and Aaron Johnson, University of Nebraska-Lincoln
Session Video
Using Maps to Strengthen Students’ Visual Analysis Abilities
Georgeanne Hribar, Virginia Geographic Alliance, Gay Thistle and Ann Canning, TPS Eastern Region
Session Video
San Patricios and the U.S.-Mexican War
Mark Saenz, John P. Ojeda Middle School
Session Video
Open Access Oral Histories for the Classroom
Jessica Taylor, Virginia Tech
Session Video

Saturday 2:30 PM

Techniques for Teaching Students to Study Slavery
Michael Lord, Historic Hudson Valley
Session Video
Reporting on the Constitutional Convention - A Project-Based Approach to Founding Principles
Zachary Deibel and Oliver Corrigan, Cristo Rey Columbus High School
Session Video
Why are Relationship Rules Different for Women and Men? The Social History of Etiquette through Time 
Cynthia Resor, Eastern Kentucky University
Session Video
Habeas Corpus and Rights during Wartime: Teaching Supreme Court Cases to Middle School Students
Jennifer Wheeler, Street Law
Session Video
Reflections on Using Primary Sources to Meet the Needs of Diverse Learners
Andrea Kolb, Center for Schools and Communities, Rich Cairn and
Alison Noyes, Collaborative for Educational Services
Session Video
DIY – Create Your Own Online Primary Source Sets
Mary Johnson, Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Teachers Network 
Session Video