History Matters (...and so does coffee!)

Conversations About History for Everyone with Joanne Freeman

History Matters (…and so does coffee!) is a weekly webcast sponsored by the National Council for History Education featuring the teaching and scholarship of Dr. Joanne Freeman, a professor of history at Yale University and NCHE board member. Each episode features a conversation about an historic person, place, event, or piece of evidence; what it reveals; and how it emerges (or reemerges) in America today. Dr. Freeman begins with a short discussion of a topic, often connecting it to documents in the historical record, and then shows how it connects with the challenges and responsibilities of American citizenship in the here and now. Dr. Freeman also takes questions from the live webcast audience about the day's topic. History Matters (…and so does coffee!) is a fun, funny, interactive, educational, and--amidst our current challenges--important webcast for understanding how history happens and its vital relevance today. The National Council for History Education provides professional and intellectual leadership to foster an engaged community committed to the teaching, learning, and appreciation of diverse histories. Through historical inquiry, NCHE empowers learners to research and interpret the past.

Joanne Freeman, Yale University