Call for Submissions

NCHE's blog is designed to speak to the needs of history teachers. The tone is meant to be light, with a personally engaging approach that focuses on providing resources for history teachers who may be just starting out or in need of fresh ideas.

We are seeking contributors to explore some of the following topical areas:

Historical Content: Contributors will provide a “Top #” list of things about a given topic. Each item on the list can range from a brief statement to a more detailed description. References/links are encouraged.

Issues of the Day: Contributors will provide commentary about a timely topic associated with history education.

Lesson Plans: Contributors will attach lesson plan and supporting materials with 250-word or less description of the lesson and why it is a favorite lesson. Pictures, references, links are encouraged.

Local Tie-Ins: Contributors will share ways in which history in the classroom is/can connect students to their local community. Local may be seen as the school, city/town, county, or state.

Needs: Based on reader feedback about what early career teachers are experiencing in the field, contributors will provide advice and insight.

Practice: Share your strategy or classroom protocol that has been/is successful. For examples, a classroom management protocol or ways to make sure a students participate in a group project or ways in which you connect with families. Pictures, references, links are encouraged.

Resources: Contributors will share books, websites, films, strategies for making their classrooms “history-rich.” The blog post will include identification of resource(s) and short descriptions/annotations of the ways in which the resource(s) have been used in classrooms.

Round Tables: Contributors will be asked to share their perspectives on a given topic (or present an area of interest) often associated with history education/teaching and learning. Ideally these perspectives will be in conversation with one another.

Our hope is that you would be willing to submit a brief article. It could relate to one of the areas listed above or expand beyond that scope. Moreover, we hope that you would be willing to provide an introduction to three colleagues, former students, or professional associates that we could also invite to write.

There is no set article length. Short-form pieces, top # lists, bits of advice, reflections based on experience or mistakes are all fair game (and quite welcome). Contributions may include photographs, video clips, and hyperlinks.

Send submissions or inquiries to or