Centering Native Stories in Florida History

February 8, 2023 ~ 7:30pm ET
Alejandra Dubcovsky, University of California Riverside

Native people are central to the history of Florida. This webinar explores the experiences and struggles of different Native peoples, including Timucuas, Apalachees, Guales, and Ais people, and shows how Native people competed against different European empires, defended their homelands, and defined the limits of colonial power. By centering these little-known and often neglected Native sources buried in the Spanish archive, this session hopes to reframe how we narrate the story of the early South.

Alejandra Dubcovsky is an associate professor of Early American history at the University of California Riverside, and the author of several award-winning articles and two books, Talking Back: Native Women and The Making of the Early South is forthcoming from Yale University Press later this year.