Claire McCaffery Griffin

Independent Consultant (WA)

Claire McCaffery Griffin, is an independent consultant with nearly 45 years of experience in history education. She holds a BA (cum laude) from the University of San Francisco and an MA from the University of Hawaii. Claire was a teacher for 28 years; served for 8 years as the vice president of an educational non-profit in Alexandria, VA; and currently consults with federal agencies, such as the James Madison Memorial Fellowship Foundation, and non-profits to promote history and civic education. Claire has worked with teachers from all 50 states as well as educators from Russia, China, Japan, and South Africa. President Donald J. Trump recently nominated Claire to serve on the National Humanities Council, a board of twenty-six distinguished private citizens whose role is to advise the Chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). If confirmed by the Senate, Claire will serve on the Council until 2022.