Jenny Nicholas

Salt Lake City School District (UT)

Jenny Nicholas has taught Social Studies in the Salt Lake City School District for 18 years, specializing in AP European History, IB World History and US Government courses. She is passionate about teaching—and being taught by— her students and sees history education as a critical component of shared knowledge in our society. Jenny earned a BA in History from the University of Utah, an M.A.T. degree from Boston University, and will earn an EdD degree in Education, Leadership & Policy from the University of Utah. She represented the state of Utah as a James Madison Fellow, and has worked for the James Madison Fellowship Foundation for many years. Jenny is a life-long lover of outdoor adventure: hiking, camping, and skiing are her main life distractions. Jenny is greatly looking forward to upcoming opportunities with NCHE and knows that some of the strongest ways in which she has improved her craft is through her associations with skilled and passionate educators.