Katie Daitoku

Kelseyville High School (CA)

I have been a high school history teacher for twelve years. During that time, I have taught a variety of social studies courses from civics and economics to world history, geography, and American history. I currently teach modern world history, AP US history, and AVID at Kelseyville High School in Kelseyville, California. My main passion is teaching world history, however my main goals as a teacher are to encourage curiosity and inquiry in all of my students. I earned a bachelor’s degree in history and a master’s degree in teaching history from Austin College in Sherman, Texas. My education and history professors inspired me to continue learning about history and to bring that enthusiasm to my students.

My goal as an educator is to give students an updated look at history by having them explore primary sources and individual voices to discover the nuances of the events that have led us to the present. Outside of the classroom, I enjoy traveling with an emphasis on exploring culture and food so that I can bring the experiences back to my students. I also enjoy reading and exploring the outdoors of Northern California with my partner and dog.