Luis Martínez-Fernández

Secretary University of Central Florida (FL)

Dr. Luis Martínez-Fernández is professor of history at the University of Central Florida, where he specializes in Cuban and Caribbean History. A prolific author, he has published articles in some of his field’s leading scholarly journals: Latin American Research Review, Slavery and Abolition, and Cuban Studies; his books range in subject from the early colonial Caribbean (Key to the New World [2018]) to the Cuban Revolution (Revolutionary Cuba: A History [2014]).

Dr. Martínez-Fernández is also a committed public intellectual, who believes that historians have the responsibility to project their knowledge beyond the university classroom and the scholarly press to reach wider audiences. He has actively pursued this commitment through public lectures, editorial articles, participation in documentaries, through museum exhibits, and in collaborations with K-12 teachers. He brings to NCHE’s board decades of service in various leadership capacities including the Board of Trustees of the College Board and the Board of the South Atlantic Humanities Center.