Mike Williams

National Humanities Center (NC)

Mike Williams serves as the Education Projects Manager for the National Humanities Center, in Durham, NC. As a former history teacher, he has twice been recognized as the Warren County Schools Teacher of the Year and the 2017 Organization of American Historians Tachau National Teacher of the Year. He has published works in the texts "Family History In The Classroom" and "When We Were British: Interdisciplinary Approaches to Visualizing Early America,” and was featured as a contributing author in Time Magazine’s “25 Moments That Changed History” series. He has been awarded fellowships through the West Indies Teacher Institute and Rural Teachers Global Trust where his research connected classrooms in London, Scotland, Ghana and Barbados. He serves in a number of capacities, including the Executive Board of the North Carolina Council for the Social Studies, North Carolina Geographic Alliance, UNC-Duke African Diaspora Fellows Program and Warren County Community Center Executive Board.