Revolutionary Discussions: Thomas Jefferson and John Adams Debate

Lessons in history and civic life are often described as ageless or timeless. Believing all claims merit experimentation and critical analysis, key civics and history education organizations are hosting a debate between Presidents Thomas Jefferson and John Adams (or the closest we can come to their representations, professional reenactors who portray the two men) debate key design challenges and thematic questions in the Educating for American Democracy Roadmap. Please join us for this hour long, spirited debate between the two men on key issues such as how we protect the rights of the individual while sustaining a collective republic, how do we grapple with challenging realities in our past without becoming cynical or embrace our nation’s accomplishments without straying into adulation, and how we might think about the role of our institutions in a thriving government or as a leading nation in the global community. Brought to you by American Historical Theatre, Educating for American Democracy, iCivics, Freedom's Foundation of Valley Forge, The National Council for Social Studies, and the National Council for History Education.

Regretfully, due to contractual obligations, the video for this webinar is unavailable at this time. We invite you to visit the American Historical Theatre for information on their inspiring historical programming.