The National Consitution Center's Remote Learning Initiative

In the weeks following the COVID-19 shutdowns, the National Constitution Center launched an exciting new program, offering free, interactive, online classes about the Constitution to middle, high school, and college students across the country. The classes are aligned with curricular requirements, held three days a week, taught by President & CEO Jeffrey Rosen and other NCC scholars, and moderated by the NCC’s dynamic Chief Learning Officer, Kerry Sautner. Special guests have included luminaries such as Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and filmmaker Ken Burns.

In the midst of deep partisan polarization, these classes unite students around the ideals of our Founding Documents, teach about our constitutional system so it can be preserved, and instill the habits of civil dialogue and critical reasoning that are essential for a flourishing democracy.

Jeffrey Rosen will discuss the initiative and how teachers can utilize these classes and other NCC resources to bolster their curriculum.