Teacher Professional Learning

We specialize in providing content-focused historical inquiry that engages teachers in active learning. We connect teachers with a wide range of innovative approaches to foster curiosity and historical thinking.


Professional Learning

We provide a wide array of professional opportunities and resources for educators in districts and organizations. Click on the list to the right to learn more about our professional learning opportunities.


Testimonials about
Professional Learning


  • "So informative, engaging, and worthwhile. Everything was extremely well planned and thought out and I gained so much valuable knowledge."  (Elementary school teacher)
  • "So appreciate the idea of using technology or inventions as a gateway to engage/inform/assess greater themes and events of American History.  Even as a dedicated American History teacher, I was captivated in exploring eras in a new and enlightening way; I imagine my students will be excited for shaking lessons up a bit as well." (Teacher participant in TIAH Colloquium)
  • "This has been a great experience. All the presenters and materials top-notch!"   (Kentucky teacher)