Conference Archive


New Frontiers

Albuquerque, NM


Encounters in History

St. Augustine, FL


Crossing Borders

Niagara Falls, NY


Histories Seen and Unseen

Atlanta, GA


Myth, Memory, and Monuments

San Antonio, TX


Exercising Power

Washington, DC


Past, Present, and Future: NCHE at 30

Online Conference


Place and Time

Online Conference


Historical Communities...

Online Conference

2013 – Richmond, VA

Emancipation & Human Rights in History

2012 – Kansas City, MO

Reading the Past: Literature and Literacy in History

2011 – Charleston, SC

The Causes and Consequences of Civil Wars

2010 – San Diego, CA

Crossroads of Peoples and Places Over Time

2009 – Boston, MA

Revolutions in History

2008 – Louisville, KY

Leadership in History

2007 – Colonial Williamsburg

Expanding Horizons:
Individuals and Their Encounters with the New

2006 – Austin, TX

The Americas in World History

2005 – Pittsburgh, PA

Conflict and Cooperation in History

2004 – St. Louis, MO

Exploring in World History:
Commemorating the Anniversary of the
Lewis and Clark Expedition

2003 – Los Angeles, CA

History & Biography:
The Individual and Historical Changes

2002 – Saratoga Springs, NY

Discovering History:
Peoples, Places, Documents, and Artifacts

2001 – The National Museum of American History, Washington, DC

Teaching the Presidency in History

2000 – Sacramento, CA

New Ideas in K-16 History Education

1999 – Cincinnati, OH

The 3rd Kids Learning History Conference

1998 – The National Museum of American History, Washington, DC

Kids Learning History

1997 – Lake Geneva, WI

Preparing Knowledgeable and Effective History Teachers

1996 – The Library of Congress, Washington, DC

Advancing History Education in American Schools

1995 – Colonial Williamsburg

The Future of the Past



What Our Attendees Say About NCHE’s National Conference:

The NCHE Conference is my favorite national conference for history educators. Not only does it provide a variety of quality keynotes and breakout sessions, but it is also large enough to be interesting while small enough to facilitate making meaningful connections with other educators.

I look forward to NCHE every year. I am glad that I have been able to present my research at these conferences and interact with participants in a meaningful way to make myself and my research better. I also enjoy making connections and networking with people with common interests.

This Conference is always First-class and well-run. I have been attending since it was in Saratoga Springs and look forward to it each year.

I love the people I meet, the relationships that are fostered, and the great people who present their specialties to us - love and geeked out at the same time!

The NCHE conference is a highlight of the year. There is no other conference that brings together so many dedicated educators, such high-quality presenters, and sessions that speak to such a wide variety of topics—all in a location that enables great excursions.

This conference offers innumerable opportunities to connect with people who care deeply about teaching history, a very different thing from enthusiasm for only history. I came away energized and feeling positive about my choice of profession.

This was my first time attending. I was blown away by the amount of support for teachers especially in History. The exhibits were outstanding. There were large amounts of information and prep helps to provide the best education for our students

I love the collegial atmosphere of the NCHE. Educators from all sectors of History education and at all points in their careers come together to share thoughts on the importance of teaching history and methods for how to do it more effectively. My first time attending, I was hooked and haven’t missed an annual conference since!

I love the NCHE Conference, I always come away with new knowledge, resources, and history friends. Overall it makes me a better teacher!

The NCHE Annual Conference in DC was a wonderful experience. I learned about strategies and teaching techniques that are useful to my classroom and students. The conference also provided an opportunity to talk with other people in the profession or supporting teachers through various activities and programs. These connections helped foster my passion for education and provided me with immense benefits to bring back to my classroom.